Hardy Farms is now a leading producer of fresh green and boiled peanuts. They produce over 5 million pounds of green and boiled peanuts each season. Green peanuts are sold about three months out of the year but roasted and boiled are sold year round. With over 25 roadside retail locations throughout Middle Georgia and supermarket presence throughout the southeastern U.S., Hardy Farms peanuts are readily available to anyone craving that “true country caviar.

In 2005, Hardy Farms Peanuts moved into a new 21,000 square-foot building to fully house the green and boiled peanut operations. The facility accommodates office space, shipping and storage, mail order operations and the full peanut cleaning and processing operations. Using a blend of in-house innovation and technology gleaned from the produce, cotton, and peanut processing industries, Hardy Farms cleans our peanuts through an intricate process.

The harvesting and cleaning process- the details of which are guarded as trade secrets- place our peanut operation in a category usually reserved for fresh produce. While handpicked peanuts are the gold standard, Hardy Farms tries to emulate and over achieve. Hardy Farms reputation has been built on the high quality of our peanuts!

Our Commitment to Food Safety and Quality

At Hardy Farms we use only the finest & freshest peanuts available. Our longstanding reputation for quality has made our peanuts some of the most popular in the United States!  Hardy Farms Peanuts, Inc. (“Hardy Farms”) is committed to food safety and product quality. We employ extensive food safety programs and controls at all levels of production, including raw product harvesting, processing and packaging. The facilities are operated under FDA regulations and the appropriate modules from the Safe Quality Food Institute's Code (SQF). The code is a HACCP-based Food Safety Program that is audited internally and independently audited by a 3rd party company. Hardy Farms maintains prerequisite programs like Good Manufacturing Practices, Document Control, Pest Control, Allergen Controls, Sanitation, Employee Training, and many others. We also perform sensory evaluations on each of the products to make sure our customers are getting the product they know and love. Each employee at Hardy Farms Peanuts knows how important it is to keep our customers happy and meet or exceed their requirements and expectations and comply with regulatory standards. We strive to make the best possible product we can make daily!