The Hardy family works in all main aspects of their business -- production, processing, and marketing. From the time the peanuts are planted until the time they are put in the bag and shipped out for distribution, we have our hands in the process. We pride ourselves on producing peanuts affectionately known by many as “The Country Caviar.


Hardy Farms Roasting is the newest division of the Hardy Farms Peanuts group. Located in Hawkinsville, our facility is planted in the heart of Georgia’s peanut country. The company does private label packaging and bulk packaging for commercial companies who use it in their products. The company also produces its own retail brand, known as Hardy’s Peanuts - Party Peanuts, available in four unique flavors.


Hardy Farms is a leading producer of fresh green and boiled peanuts. With over 25 roadside retail locations throughout Middle Georgia and supermarket presence throughout the southeastern U.S., Hardy Farms peanuts are readily available to anyone craving that true country caviar.